Your first consultation at The Osteopathic Centre will last about 40-45 minutes.

During this first consultation, we take a detailed history of your problem and any previous episodes, how they were dealt with, and the results of any treatment. We also take details of your past medical history.

Rest assured that, as in your GP's practice, all your personal and clinical information is recorded and stored in the strictest confidence, in compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Examination and Treatment

For the physical examination you will usually be asked to undress down to your underclothes in private. So it is best to wear something comfortable and suitably modest.

We are happy for you to bring along a relative or friend as a chaperone, if this might help you relax. For a patient under the age of 16 (male or female), we will insist that a parent or other responsible adult is present during all consultations.

After discussing the results of the history and examination with you, we might find it useful or necessary to contact your doctor for further clinical information, or for investigations to be arranged, e.g. X-rays, a scan, or blood tests, before proceeding with osteopathic treatment. This would be done only with your full approval, and you may request a copy of any correspondence.

Follow-up treatment(s):

Sometimes it is necessary to assess the response to the first one or two treatments before we can give you a realistic idea as to how many visits might be needed. In most cases, as progress is made, the interval between treatments will be increased progressively.

At each follow-up visit, (40 minutes) you will be re-assessed and any changes in the treatment plan will be discussed with you.

Again, please note that a parent or other responsible adult must be present at EVERY examination and treatment session with ANY patient of 16 years of age or less.

We make every effort to see patients in acute pain as soon as possible.


A detailed history and physical examination are essential before we can give specific advice on any clinical problem. Because of this, advice of only a general kind can be given over the phone or by e-mail. If your osteopath is with a patient when you call, we will arrange for him/her to call you back.